Foodbanks & Community Meals in Reigate & Banstead area

There are several foodbanks now operating within the Borough.  For details see the listing here Download

If you are an individual who needs to access a foodbank you will usually need a voucher from a referral agency such as Citizens Advice Bureau or Community Debt Advice.  See here for a longer list of referral agencies.

If you are an agency and you would like to make referrals to a foodbank, please contact the foodbank(s) directly to receive referral vouchers that you can pass on to your clients.

In addition to the foodbank listing, there are a number of providers of community meals – hot meals that are free of charge or heavily subsidised.  These are generally open to all (although some require pre-booking.)  They may be of interest to people facing financial hardship or for those who are socially isolated and would enjoy sharing a meal with others.