Photographer – The Include Choir

In Professional/Technical, Volunteer Opportunities by Lisa Irwin

The Include Choir is a community choir with a difference!  They are a choir for people with and without communication or learning difficulties – using Makaton signs and other inclusive communication techniques when they sing and rehearse.  They are looking to create a photographic record of the choir’s activities and events, which can be used to create visual supports for choir members, as well as for publicity / social media to raise awareness of the choir. The role will include: Attending The Include Choir rehearsals to take photographs.  Ensure photographs are sent on to Choir Director by following day. Provide advice around editing / uploading images to social media. Attend all concerts, or as many as possible. Time Commitments:  Attend at least four Include Choir sessions each term (7.30 – 9 on Wednesdays, 3 x 12 week terms. Attend concerts / performances / workshops as agreed each term (often 3-4 sessions per term)- period of attendance at each event is negotiable). Time commitment can be split between 2 or more volunteers if feasible.

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