Newsletter Editor & Website Management – Banstead Horticultural Society

Banstead Horticultural Society is a small gardening club run by members who join the committee in a voluntary capacity and who are getting older. They would like to attract someone who would enjoy using their IT skills to support their work and keep them up to date with modern communications. Whilst this could mean ‘remote’ working, they would prefer to work with someone who would engage flexibly with them as a group. The newsletter at present is usually about 12 pages long, has a formal layout and regular articles which include numerous lists and dates. There are also delivery deadlines in place for 2017 and a commitment to work within or around these with agreement would be important.

The website requires an annual update of information, an annual review and regular amendment of the Home page to display the next events/shows for marketing. Some creative thinking and ideas would be welcomed, but not essential.

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