Goodbye Merstham Magpies

Some of you may be aware that from the end of March 2017 there will be no more  Merstham Magpies practical task days.

Laura Ashfield, Community Outreach and Outdoor Learning Officer or ‘Mother of Magpies’ has sent the following update:-

“Hope you are all well.  It is with a sad face and heavy heart that I have to let you know that from the end of March 2017 there will be no more delivery of Merstham Magpies practical task days.  This is a result of a mixture of changes  to my remit at Surrey Wildlife Trust, and also the end of the funding for the delivery of Magpies.

I will be on hand to advise Friends of Merstham Parks and Greens however, who will continue with much of the good work of conserving and improving the greenspaces and natural areas of Merstham and they will meet on 1st Saturday of every month.  I urge you to join their task days so that the wonderful improvements we have helped make to the Merstham Estate and the greenspaces therein will continue.  

I am so very proud of what we have achieved in Merstham, and I would like to thank each and every one of you who has attended a Magpies session over the past 4.5 years.  I am really going to miss the group and all of you Magpies! (if only we’d had t shirts made!!)”

If you are interested in volunteering with Friends of Merstham Parks and Greens please contact Lisa Irwin on 01737 762 115 or email