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DBS Eligibility Tool

DBS have published an eligibility tool on GOV.UK, to help you decide what roles and activities are eligible for standard or enhanced DBS checks.

The tool will help you to meet your legal responsibility to confirm that the job role is eligible for a DBS check.

Click here to use Eligibity Tool

Statement from the DBS and Metropolitan Police Service:-

Last year, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) experienced delays in processing DBS forms and measures were being put in place by the MPS and DBS to ensure that processing times reduced as quickly as possible.

Since then, we are pleased to report, the MPS has recruited and trained up to 100 additional Disclosure Unit staff, brought in to help reduce the outstanding caseload. As a consequence, MPS are operating at full strength and processing times are improving.

Looking forward, the MPS has put in place a new strategy to ensure that they can maintain and develop these improvements through a highly trained disclosure team.

Whilst it is pleasing to be able to report that excellent and sustained progress is being made, we (DBS) will not be satisfied until the MPS has fully recovered and delays have been eradicated.

We expect continued improvements at MPS in the coming months though some applications currently in progress continue to experience delay. We ask you to please bear with us whilst the MPS continues to reduce the small number of outstanding cases aged over 60 days.

Both DBS and the MPS Disclosure Unit apologise for the delays experienced to date and we will continue to work together to improve processing times and to ensure this issue does not reoccur in the future..

DBS Workforce Guidance

Please read these documents and make sure you’re using the right versions when establishing eligibility for applications. Click on the following links to download.




VARB are looking at providing online DBS checks for our members and will provide further details as and when we have them.  If you would like more information on how to get your DBS checked please click here.